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Getting rid of unwanted hair by conventional methods, apart from being downright painful, is pretty much a lifelong commitment, with the only guarantee being the hair will always grow back. This is because traditional hair removal methods, including waxing/ shaving/ threading/ plucking, are only temporary fixes that are more often than not, inconvenient, painful and may be bad for your skin. The traditional methods lead to ingrown hair, rashes, folliculitis/ boils and pigmentation on regular usage.

So what option we have?! The simplest and most effective is Laser Hair Reduction. It is the application of Laser technology at a specific wavelength towards targeted destruction of hair follicle. The laser targets the melanin pigment present at the base of hair follicle and selectively destroys the follicle. Various lasers have been used in hair reduction namely diode laser, alexandrite laser, long pulsed Nd: yag laser etc. Another commonly used technology is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is not Laser but a light based technology employing multiple wavelengths.

The laser gradually heats the skin to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle. Different skin and hair types respond better to different laser wavelengths. But, laser hair removal doesn’t work on grey hair. Today sophisticated equipments offer gradual and continuous heating of the skin along with contact cooling, thus enhancing patient comfort.

So what changes does one see after laser hair reduction? After a series of sessions; the thickness of hair reduces, the thick hair changes into fine & soft hair called vellus hair, there is reduction in hair density as well as in rate of hair growth. This leads to approximately 80- 90% reduction in hair and relieves one from the frequent hassles of using traditional hair removal methods.

Is it safe? The answer is Yes! The most common fears regarding laser hair reduction are with respect to heat from the laser and risk of burns. To put things plainly, Laser Hair Reduction will not damage your skin, as long as you are being treated with good quality technology and a qualified therapist. After effects if any, are minimal and usually fade away in a few minutes/ hours depending on your skin type. Laser Hair Reduction has advanced to a point where it’s safe, virtually painless and comes with no downtime whatsoever! And, regarding the myth whether laser leads to cancer in the long run; Well, It Doesn’t! Laser hair reduction can be used on any body part except around the eyes. It is safe and effective for men and women alike!

Laser is not more expensive, especially when you factor in the value of your time and the fact that traditional methods, have to be repeated frequently and results are far from permanent. While, there is a certain upfront investment involved in Laser Hair Reduction, the fact that your money is going towards a permanent shouldn’t be ignored.

To conclude, Laser Hair Reduction is without a doubt a smart way to battle unwanted hair. If you’re looking for a quick, virtually painless and cost effective way to a smooth skin you’ve been longing for, then Laser Hair Reduction is your ticket! Always consult a qualified dermatologist first before going in for Laser Hair Reduction.