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Carbon Laser Facial, also known as Hollywood Laser Facial, Carbon Peel Therapy, Carbon Laser Peel Rejuvenation, or Carbon Laser Toning, is a non-invasive technique used to improve the appearance of skin by reducing blemishes, fine wrinkles, and open pores. A combination of carbon peel and Q-switched Nd: Yag laser is used in the treatment. It gives your face a luminous and vibrant appearance while causing minimal discomfort. Because there is no downtime with this operation, you may return to your usual schedule right away.



  • Pores that are open and enlarged are reduced.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

  • Rejuvenation of the epidermis.

  • Uneven skin tone is improved.

  • Acne and acne-induced pigmentation are improving.

  • Skin texture improvement.

  • Tightening of the skin.


What is the procedure?

A comprehensive examination of the patient's skin is performed, as well as a full history of past skin problems and treatments. To remove all makeup and pollutants from the face, the skin is doubly washed. On the face, a coating of medically certified charcoal is applied and allowed to dry. A Q-switched laser is then used to heat the skin and break the carbon in the Charcoal peel. It exfoliates the skin on the surface and removes pollutants from congested pores. As a result, the skin appears more youthful and vibrant.


What can we expect?

There is practically no downtime with this operation, however, you may experience some tingling and stinging. Because the Carbon Peel and Laser combo eliminate dead cells and impurities from the skin, the results are luminous and vibrant skin. A reduction in uneven skin tone and a textural improvement of the skin can also be appreciated. Your Dermatologist may prescribe more treatments, generally 4-6, for a long-term maintenance impact.