Laser Toning

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Laser toning is a safe and efficient way to remove pigmentation on the skin. It goes after the melanin in the top layers of the skin. It aids in the correction of:

  • Skin Tone Disparity

  • Spots of pigmentation

  • Skin tanning gives the skin an immediate glow

  • Helps with skin regeneration.

Another benefit is that it increases subdermal collagen induction, which helps to enhance skin tone or minimise skin laxity, as the term implies.




It entails the use of a Q switched NDYAG laser in toning mode (big spot size with low energy) to destroy the melanosome (pigment granules) in melanocytes, the skin's color-producing cells. It promotes a decrease in melanin (the skin pigment), resulting in skin lightening and brightness.

It also uses the genesis mode (quasi-long pulse mode) to heat the skin and encourage the formation of collagen fibres, resulting in a reduction in fine wrinkles and improved skin texture.

The experts at DR.purva’s skin Clinic use the latest Q switched NDYAG laser device which is also USA FDA approved




  • It takes 30-45 minutes to complete the operation.

  • It's a painless, effective procedure with no downtime or side effects.

  • After the operations, the patient is not need to limit his or her activities.

  • All skin types and both males and females are safe to use.

  • For the face and other body areas, 4-6 laser toning sessions (3-4 weeks apart) are indicated.


What may you expect following the procedure?


  • Instant brightness and radiance

  • Skin tone improvement

  • With numerous sittings, open pores, skin texture, and skin laxity improve.

  • If performed with the proper equipment, laser toning is an efficient, painless, and safe therapy for skin renewal and anti-aging.