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Acne, commonly called as ‘Pimples’, is a very common recurring skin problem. It can affect both the younger and older population. There are many factors that lead to acne. Acne can be troublesome as it can lead to permanent scarring if not treated promptly. Here are some simple tips one should follow in routine if having acne prone skin:

What To Do-

  • Use non- comedogenic products, so that the skin pores are not clogged.
  • Be gentle while washing face and use a face wash with exfoliating components after discussing with your dermatologist.
  • Do moisturize your skin. Acne prone skin also needs moisturizing just like any other skin type. Of course, with a non- greasy, non- comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Avoid diet with high- glycemic index.
  • Avoid oiling the scalp.

What Not To Do-

  • Do not sleep with the makeup on.
  • Do not pick or squeeze acne.
  • Do not delay treatment.
  • Do not apply products like toothpaste.

Do not treat acne with home remedies. Always, consult a qualified dermatologist promptly.